Anonymous asked: bethany mota thanks

you’re welcome

Anonymous asked: When you download an action how do you open it in photoshop?

go to file and click open


then go to your folder or wherever you saved the action


and click on the action you’ve downloaded to open it (double click)


and go to window (if u don’t already have “actions” opened) and click actions (if there’s a tick beside it u don’t need to do anything here just skip this step yes)


and your action should be in this window. click the arrow beside the folder to open the actual action and make sure the thing inside the folder is highlighted then click the play button thingy here:


and that’s what i do i guess????

Anonymous asked: Harry styles pls and larry

the larry ones aren’t great sorry

Anonymous asked: Are you looking for any co owners at the moment? If your not can you say if your looking because I'd like to be one for you

i don’t get co-owners bc i don’t work well with them. but if i’m ever lookin i’ll let you know.

Anonymous asked: Normani from 5h personals please

there ya go